Are Subscription-Based Business Models The Future?

Written by Steve

On February 10, 2019
Are Subscription-Based Business Models The Future?

How many subscriptions do you have right now?

I’m willing to bet you have a few!

From satellite TV to magazines, Uber, online memberships, Netflix, Amazon… There are tons out there, and most of us have quite a few.

You see, we now live in an age of instant gratification, so its no surprise these types of businesses are becoming the new normal.

Uber have more than 40 million active users worldwide, Netflix have just short of 100 million subscribers, and Amazon Prime have more than 100 million members!

Can you imagine what that kind of monthly cash flow must be like?

But it’s not just the big e-tailers and retailers that are exploring a subscription-based model.

The Saas model (software as a service) is growing massively in popularity, powering thousands of small-to-medium businesses, and at its core is the subscription model.

In fact, according to Forrester Research, IDC and TBR, the Saas market will have grown to $150 billion in annual revenue by 2020.

And that’s just software….

Just think about the music streaming business, the movie streaming market, and even something as small as the shaving industry (Dollar Shave Club anyone?).

The subscription-based model is starting to mint millionaires on an almost daily basis, and if you’re a small business looking to grow it could be perfect for you.

That’s why I want to show you why this model is exploding worldwide, who the key users are behind it, and the types of businesses that are flourishing using it.

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The Millionaire-Minting Model That Could Grow Your Next Business



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