IGTV: Everything You Need To Know

Written by The Kong Team

On February 12, 2020
IGTV Everything You Need To Know

It’s about to take over…

There’s a social trend on the rise, and its been creeping into our everyday lives for some time now.

You’ve seen it on the news.

Your family talks about it.

And chances are you were literally just experiencing it.

I’m talking about the social video revolution.

YouTube might’ve been around for years, but its platforms like Facebook and TikTok that are posting some hard to ignore numbers when it comes to vertical video’s.

Its no different on Instagram either.

In fact, over half a billion people use Insta stories every day!

One-third of those stories are from businesses just like yours.

If that wasn’t enough, nearly two-thirds of the platform’s users log in every day, and then stay for 28 minutes.

That’s a lot of eyeballs.

But how can you tap into them?

Well, that’s precisely where IGTV comes in.

At the moment IGTV is 100% free, making it perfect for top-of-funnel content, but according to recent reports you’ll be able to monetize your IGTV video’s very soon.

Think of what monetization did for YouTube – That means things are about to explode with IGTV, and right now you can get in early!

So, what exactly is IGTV, how do you use it, and what types of content work best with it?

Let me show you…


How To Ride The Impending IGTV Content Explosion


IGTV Everything You Need To Know Infographic


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