If You’re Struggling With Traffic, You Need To Do This

Written by Steve

On September 1, 2020
If You’re Struggling With Traffic, You Need To Do This

I know how you feel.

I’ve been exactly where you are now.

You spend hours crafting what you feel is the perfect piece of content and then…

Nothing ?

Sometimes it feels like you can never reach anyone, and every time you hit the publish button it’s just more of the same.

SEO is this seemingly impossible thing to figure out…

Content marketing takes aaaaaages!

Social media can be a wasteland too, with constant algorithm updates, and organic reach all but gone.

I mean how are all those big guys doing it?

They’re getting millions of hits every month, signing up thousands of people, selling crazy amounts too.

Are they doing something you aren’t?

I think you know the answer.

Every time they want traffic, or need to put their content in front of millions of faces, they simply head on over to “The Traffic Store”.

Whilst you’re spending months trying to figure out how to drive traffic to your site, it’s taking them less than five minutes.

So what exactly is the traffic store, and how can you use it to drive millions of people to your site?

Let me show you…


How The Most Successful Businesses Are Able To Grow Big And Fast


Driving traffic can be tricky.

SEO and content tends to drive highly targeted people to your site, is a lot more sustainable than other methods, but takes forever to start working properly.

And that’s if you even know your way around SEO and content marketing in the first place.

Things like social media and PR can be inconsistent or uneven, and tend to deliver middle of the road results.

That’s why most seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs I know go to the traffic store.

When they’re after immediate results, want to instantly test ideas, or launch a campaign, they simply buy traffic.

They do this by relying on something called paid traffic.Traffic Graph

Simply put, paid traffic is any traffic that comes from paid ads.

Banners on Google, carousels on Facebook, videos on Instagram, YouTube pre-roll ads, Taboola native ads, you name it.

And you’d be shocked at just how much big companies spend on this.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that paid traffic is integral to some of the biggest companies online.

And its not hard to see why.

Paid traffic has become the gold standard, because its in your control.

It’s fully scalable, its repeatable, and you can decide exactly when to open the floodgates and when to close them.

You can track everything, test even more on-top of that, and its fully measurable.

This is how the most successful companies are able to grow fast and grow big.

Whilst all the small fries are struggling with SEO, bashing their heads against the content marketing brick wall, and talking to 12 followers on social media, the big players are buying their traffic.

It’s a dirty little secret I wish more people knew, because it could shave years off the learning curve for your business.

Imagine you had the ability to send 1,000 people directly to one of your offers by tomorrow?

Or how about if you wanted to test whether or not your new campaign has any sales potential?

And finally, if you have a launch, what would you give to put it in front of thousands of your potential dream customers right now?

Paid traffic gets your content out there immediately, allows you to test whenever you want, and is also a great litmus test for offers and campaigns.

You can get all of that done in a matter of hours and days, whilst most people are spending months on a blog or channel without any real direction or results.

So, if paid traffic is so powerful, what types should you be looking at?


The Two Types of Paid Traffic Every Business Should Use


I’ve spent a lot of time and money testing a bunch of stuff online.

But time and time again, there are two specific types of paid traffic that constantly get me results.

They’ve helped me reach millions of people, pull in hundreds of thousands of leads and customers, and ultimately I’ve been able to grow multiple businesses as a result.

In fact, these are two sources of paid traffic I think EVERY business should use:


Paid Traffic Source #1: Content Amplification

Content amplification is a potent form of paid traffic.

Target the right people with the right message and you’ll have thousands of people hitting your site each and every day.

Imagine what that could do for your business?

In some cases, with the right lead generation strategy behind your content, you could end up with conversions that cost mere pennies.

I’ve had $0.04c and $0.07c clicks on some of my best performing content ads, and whilst most people are scratching their heads and turning off their $50-$100 conversions, I was ultimately pulling in leads for a dollar or two.

The best part about content ads is that you get to test which ideas work beforehand (on your numerous content channels), so when it comes to spending money on them you don’t end up playing the guessing game like most people do when they buy ads.

By doing this, you can start to shift the odds in your favor.

Here are two great examples from the guys over at DigitalMarketer:

DigitalMarketer Content Amplification Ads


Paid Traffic Source #2: Feeder Funnels

Feeder funnels exist purely to feed your business new leads and customers.

They're the campaigns that are generating you leads and converting customers through low-dollar offers.

Savvy marketers use them to perpetually top up their business with new faces, wallet-ready leads, and even customers.

But they serve another great purpose as well.


Because most feeder ads are targeting conversions, people are being driven to funnels and pages of yours.

Take a guess how many people end up having a look around?

Other times feeder funnels get people to look deeper into you and your business as a result of simply being shown an advert.

Think about how many times a paid ad has caught your attention and you’ve ended up on someone’s profile, liked their page, and then checked out their website?

One of the lesser discussed side effects of these types of ads is social growth.

So not only are you growing your traffic, but you get to boost your social profiles too!

That means you're growing your social lists that you can use to send followers to your other offers and funnels down the line.

The other great thing about feeder funnels is that you can direct people who have come through them to perform specific actions. You can point people towards a webinar, trial signup, to specific articles or videos of yours, and so on.

In fact, I see a lot of people doing this, and to great effect!

So not only are your feeder funnels actually building your business and pushing people into your campaigns and funnels (and supplying you with the most important thing to your business: customers), they’re boosting your traffic and social profiles too.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Here are some excellent examples of feeder funnel ads run by Peng Joon, Brendon Burchard and Clickfunnels:

Frontend Funnel Ad Examples


How To Drive Thousands of Visitors To Your Site In Less Than 5 Minutes


Why spend months trying to decipher the “traffic code” when you can just buy it?

Paid traffic is the dirty little secret for some of the world’s most successful businesses.

It’s literally the way they’re able to grow so fast and so big.

Figure out where your dream customers are spending their time (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on), and start buying traffic from those platforms.

Two great ways to do this are content ads and feeder funnels.

Not only are they a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website (and grow your social profiles), but with the right things in place they’re the easiest way to push people towards specific funnels so you can actually make money in the process!

Paid traffic has the ability to take you from frustrated and struggling to thriving and profitable in a very short period of time.

Traffic is a lot easier than you think it is, you just need to be prepared to spend money acquiring it.

Until then, here’s to paid traffic profits!

Steve DLC
Steve De La Cour
Founder & CEO

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