The One Skill EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Master

Written by Steve

On September 10, 2020
The One Skill EVERY Entrepreneur Should Master

It’s the holy grail of business growth.

And so few people will ever find out about it.

Imagine for a second you could learn one skill, one simple little skill, and it could dramatically impact EVERY aspect of your business.

All those things that keep you up at night, yeah, I’m talking about those!

Do you desperately need more customers? (especially in times like now)

This skill takes care of that like clockwork!

How about more traffic to your site or store?

Done and done ✅

What about growing your lists, getting more leads, boosting your email opens, increasing your conversions, doubling your sales, or turning your ads into irresistible customer-magnets?

This one single skill can do all of that and more.

Its that powerful ??

In fact, it’s been used by some of the world’s best marketers and smartest entrepreneurs to build multiple million-dollar and billion-dollar businesses.

I’m talking the likes of David Ogilvy, DigitalMarketer, Gary Vee, Clickfunnels, Frank Kern, Hubspot, Tony Robbins, and Salesforce to name a few…

So, what is this skill, how exactly does it work, and how can you use it in your business?

Let me show you…


REVEALED: The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing


There are a ton of skills you can learn these days ?

And they’re only growing by the minute.

Facebook ad optimization, traffic techniques, content marketing hacks, how to make compelling videos, the secret to designing high converting landing pages, email marketing, you name it.

But there’s one single skill you can learn above all others that can not only impact every aspect of your business, but it can instantly boost your bottom line ?

I’m talking about copywriting.

Think about it…

Everything is copy.

Your Facebook ads, your email campaigns, your subject lines, your list building lead magnets, your products, your sales material, your campaigns, your website, your banners, your popups, your landing pages, and everything in-between.

All marketing is anchored by copywriting.

Thus the growth you’re so desperately looking for is too.

Your desire to grow literally comes down to your ability to craft words and ideas into simple, easy to understand, and compelling copy.

Doing this in the most intellectually, emotionally, and compelling way – in as few words as possible – is like having a business superpower ⚡️

And I can guarantee you your competitors don’t have it either ?

Think about it like this, platforms will come and go, markets will come and go, but your ability to write compelling copy (and craft good offers around them) will always keep you in business.

Market crashes, corona viruses, economic turbulence, inept presidents – and whatever else is still to come – none of this can touch the power of good copy.

Copywriting is the ultimate force multiplier ?

It’s the Swiss Army knife of marketing, the skeleton key you can use to open any door in your business.

Better ad conversions? Copywriting.

More email opens? Copywriting.

Boosting your lead generation? Copywriting.

More traffic? Copywriting.

I’m not underselling it by saying this one, single skill can 10x your business ???

That’s why you need to learn copywriting.

So, if copywriting is the holy grail, where do you even start?


How To Write Like A Pro (The World’s Simplest Formula)


One of my early mentors, Mark Ford, taught me something I still think about to this day.

“Good writing is the skill of expressing compelling thoughts clearly”

I’ve shared this golden nugget with a few people over the years, and so few of them believe it can be that simple, and some just don’t get it at all.

However, there are two sneaky little words hiding in that sentence that make a lot of what it means possible.

“Compelling thoughts”.

Basically, I’m talking about big ideas.Good writing is the skill of expressing compelling thoughts clearly

Big ideas are the secret sauce for ANY piece of copy you’ll write.

And because everything you create is underpinned by copy and ideas, it means that the size of your idea affects everything you create and publish.

Yeah, that’s right, size does matter.

I’m talking about the biggest of the big, the kind of ideas that stop people dead in their tracks, and mentally slap them across the face and demand their attention. They hook them by the eyeballs and immediately suck them in, like a hypnotized moth to a content flame.

They’re thumb stoppers, pattern interrupters, psychological detonations.

Big ideas have this effect by engaging your reader emotionally AND intellectually, and ultimately pushes them to do or think what you want them to do or think.

It’s like legal hypnosis, and it gives you the ability to rewire your readers’ brain to think the way you want them to.

Do you see why I call it a superpower, can you see how insanely powerful that is? ?

Expressing big ideas clearly often means your prospect, reader or dream customer ‘gets it’ in an instant. It gives them that ‘Ah-Ha! Effect’.

There’s no confusion, no scrunched face, and no thinking – in a single moment they understand it. They get it. The light bulb goes off ?

It immediately pushes them into action – they want to click, they want to share it, they want to find out more.

Big ideas are powerfully seductive ?

That’s why if you want to instantly boost ALL the crucial parts of your business – your customer list, your ads, your email copy, your open rates, your conversions, your list, and so much more – you have to learn how to find big, compelling ideas.

Big ideas are literally your hidden path to success.

But if that’s the case, how exactly do you find them?


The Secret To Finding Intellectually And Emotionally Compelling Ideas


I’ve spent years trying to figure this out.

I’ve read books, articles, blogs, watched video’s interviews and documentaries, obsessed over manuscripts and manuals…

Until it hit me.

Exactly what I’d been doing, what I’d spent years doing, was literally the secret to unearthing the types of ideas that could grow any business.

Reading ?

Really, that’s it.

I wish I had a simpler answer, or something that felt like less work, but I don’t.

Successful writers are ALWAYS big readers.

And it makes total sense too.

Big ideas don’t just appear as if from the copywriting gods, fully formed, waiting for you to pluck them from thin air.

If only…

It comes from hours of reading, and usually from the places you least expect. You need to read until you literally get that “Ah-Ha” moment you want your readers, prospects or dream customers to experience.

That’s how it works.

There’s no shortcut, no secret trick, no “60 second” hack, and no method you can use that doesn’t require a bit of elbow grease ?

Reading takes time, and reading the right stuff takes time to find in the first place too.

But if we’re talking about the source of your next 1,000 customers, your next breakthrough campaign, your next 5,000 leads, I’m willing to bet a bit of reading doesn’t look so bad now, does it?One idea properly exploited is worth 100 lifetimes of hard work

Compelling thoughts, those intellectually and emotionally persuasive ideas that can boost your business, those are found by reading.

You read until you discover them.

And when that happens, boy oh boy, does everything change ?


The 10x Growth Secret Your Competitors Will Never Use


If you want to instantly stand out in your market, above your competitors and everyone else, you need to learn copywriting.

It’s not about mastering words, writing novels, or becoming the next Shakespeare.

All you need to do is learn how to express big ideas in their simplest form.

Ideas that are intellectually and emotionally compelling.

You find these by reading ?

The more you read, the more you’ll find that big ideas start coming to you ?

The next thing you need to do is learn copywriting frameworks.

Frameworks or systems allow you to structure your big ideas in ways that seduce your potential customers like you never could before.

They help you convince your dream customers to drive past every single one of your competitors only to land up right on your doorstep ?

You don’t need to spend millions on wasted campaigns, thousands on agencies that over charge and under deliver, or wasted time on flakey freelancers.

You need to learn copywriting, how to express big ideas in their simplest form, and the frameworks you can use to shortcut the time it takes to do so.

This is the 10x growth secret your competitors will never find out about.

Until then, here’s to your next big idea.

Steve DLC
Steve De La Cour
Founder & CEO

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