9 Psychological Tricks That’ll Get People To Buy More From You

Written by Steve

On February 27, 2020
9 Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Boost Your Sales

These are the two biggest drivers of purchases around the world.

People spend billions of dollars just based on these two things.

I’m talking about fear and greed.

Or to put it in a nicer way: “Gain” and FOMO.

But I want to focus on the latter…

You see, FOMO (the fear of missing out) is a gargantuan psychological trick that marketers use every day.

And to great effect too!

Think about the last time you bought something from a sale, or that time you just had to add that discounted item to your basket when shopping online.

That’s FOMO in action right there!

And marketers use it in wonderful and sneaky ways too:

  • The fear of losing out: “Only 12 copies left”
  • The fear of not being accepted, or missing a seat at the table: “4 Seats Remaining”
  • The fear of losing a discount “10% to the first 20 customers”.

You and I both know this works. And boy does it work!

But the real question is how can you use scarcity and FOMO to boost your bottom line?

Let me show you…


How To Use FOMO To Increase Your Leads And  Boost Your Sales


9 Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Boost Your Sales Infographic


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