The Exact Videos Your Customers Want On Each Social Network

Written by The Kong Team

On February 20, 2020
The Exact Videos Your Customers Want To See On Each Social Network

I’m willing to bet this has happened to you.

After weeks of research you’ve decided to put together a video for your followers.

You’ve been extra careful to make sure what you’re creating is juuust right.

I mean, it simply has to be perfect!

You make sure the lighting is top notch, the content is quality, your mic is impeccably positioned, you’ve rehearsed it countless times, and you even have the perfect environment to film in too.

You then spend a couple of days editing the video, popping in the perfect soundtrack, and adding in some colorful character.

And then…


Barely anybody watches it.

Even fewer people click on it.

Ultimately you can’t understand why it’s not getting the love and attention it deserves.

You see, your customers are looking for specific types of content on each social network.

Which means if you knew exactly what they were, you’d already be halfway to getting thousands of people watching your stuff.

That’s why I wanted to give you this cheat sheet.

It details the best types of video’s and features for each network, and precisely what your customers want to see on each social site.

Simply read on to get your hands on it…


Cheat Sheet: The Videos YOUR Customers Want To See On Social Media


The Exact Videos Your Customers Want On Each Social Network Infographic


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